Friday, April 18, 2014

Hi, I’m Sandy and I’m an Internet Quiz Addict

What did the world do before there was a BuzzFeed quiz to tell them what career they should have?  How foolish I was, as a child, to have aspirations of growing up to be a senior medical insurance claims examiner when, all this time, I was destined to be a surgeon.  And now that I’m armed with the knowledge that I am Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story, nothing can stand in my way from becoming Dr. Mr. Potato Head. 

Being Regina George definitely has its advantages although it conflicts with my inner Veronica Corningstone.  Don’t get me wrong, the Sophia Petrillo in me is really looking forward to my big move to Washington State, where I really belong but my internal Cookie Monster feels like there may not be enough there to challenge my scientific hidden talent.  I'm not exactly sure what to do with the fact that if I were a sandwich, I'd be a grilled cheese.

Then my  subconscious Hannah Horvath reminds me that I am an Independent Thinker and quiets the Corgi in my head.  I always felt that I should've been alive and in my prime in the 1940's and now I have the proof.  Of course, because I'm a lady who is only "moderately awkward" with "geeky" tendencies, I won't mention my sex number (or the fact that my "real age" is 42 despite chronology telling me I'm only 38).  By the time I’m settling in as Ness for a long battle against the cast of Super Smash Bros., I take comfort in the fact that I’m “Not an Asshole At All”.  Thank goodness that, as a human, I’m worth $956,028….can I get an advance on that?


  1. I was very thankful that not only did I survive the Hunger Games through my sheer cunning, I was also the winner. Go me!

  2. There's a Hunger Games quiz??? Lol


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