Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Excuse to Stay Fat and Sedentary This Week

This is NOT a post about weight loss.  This is NOT a post about how to get fit.  This isn’t even really about health.  It’s just a rant about the idiocy and hypocrisy of the “health and diet” industries.  Is it really appropriate or progressive for weight loss supplements to be in gummy form?


Is that like when you join Weight Watchers only to realize that the local meetings are held in a strip mall next door to a Dairy Queen?  Or your neighborhood SNAP Fitness shares an entryway with a pizza joint?  Why does it seem that so many health and fitness trends set you up for temptation and almost goad you into failure?  Oh yeah, because if the people this industry shames into wanting to lose weight become successful and keep it off, then the industry would eventually see a decline in profits.  Since when do multi-vitamins have to taste good in order for adults to take them?  Hell, even when I was a kid, Flintstone chewable kinda tasted like shit (my apologies to anyone that loves them and wants to eat them by the handful, I thought they tasted awful) but Mom made me eat one a day anyway because they were good for me.  Vitamins and supplements tend to be in tablet or capsule form so you can swallow them without having to taste them; we are supposed to take them because they benefit our health, not because they are yummy.  I wonder how many kids (or “grown-ups”) have made themselves sick by eating too many Viactiv Calcium plus D Caramel soft chews. 

Who do I get to blame for my ingrained belief that healthy food isn’t as tasty as junk food?  I have been on enough diets to know that food that is good for your body can not only taste good but it can even taste better than processed, sugar filled convenience food.   And where can I get more information on whose fault it is that I can spend $100 at the grocery store and walk away with eight bags full and a week’s worth of unhealthy crap OR two and a half bags full and a few days’ worth of fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins?  When I’m in the mindset to put forth the effort to make healthy dishes sometimes my budget won’t accommodate it.  Ever try juicing?  I never thought I’d drink, let alone enjoy, green juice made from spinach, kale, ginger, cucumber and apple but it turns out it tastes amazing and makes me feel pretty damn good.  Now ask me how many times I had to go to the store to replenish my stock of produce.  It was easier and a bit less expensive in the summer months when I could pop over to the local farmers’ market but in the colder months, not only is the price incredibly high but the quality is completely hit or miss.  And don’t even get me started on organic versus regular and grass-fed protein in comparison to “cheap” proteins. 

But I digress…..this post isn’t really about health.  I’m sure that a bunch of people could tell me all about how to “be healthy” on a budget.  But it’s not about that.  It’s about the condescending attitude created when a company puts out the idea that fatties will stay fatties unless they cater to their inner fat kid….with crap like gummy supplements and Cold Stone Creamery next door to the gym.  Or that fatties should want to lose weight at all, isn't that an extremely personal decision to be made by each individual?  That gives people who are already full of preconceived ideas about fat people more reason to shove health in their face and then immediately shame them afterward, “Well, why don’t you go to the gym instead of Cold Stone, it is right next door?” and then “Well, how can you expect to see results if you’re just going to get Cold Stone after the gym?”  It’s similar to people who love to say “I really give ‘bigger people’ credit when I see them at the gym, it’s like, at least they’re trying,” but then turn around, sneak photos of them and post them to social media with derogatory comments (or perpetuate those action by sharing “funny” memes of the like while claiming “Well, it’s not like I took the picture).  If we decide to go to the gym, or take a walk or buy healthy food at the store, we don’t need your encouragement.  Whether your comments are well-intended or not, keep them to yourself, thank you very much.

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  1. It is a true fact that gyms are always next to some fattening food place.


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