Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Undateable Epilogue: Bonus Content

Now that I have regaled you with the tales of my dating hall of shame, I'd like to make an attempt at redeeming myself just a little.  It would appear as though I have matured a bit in the last decade, maybe....probably.  As I sat, most likely watching Bravo, waiting for the new episode of the Real Housewives of Wherever, my phone chirps to alert me that I had just received a text message.  The following is a paraphrased text conversation that took place the evening of June 16, 2014.....between "Guy" and me:

5:38 PM - "Guy":  Hey, what's new?  Haven't heard from you.

5:46 PM - Me:  Hey "Guy".  How are you?

5:53 PM - "Guy":  I'm good, how are you

5:54 PM - "Guy":  Where have u been hiding
5:54 PM - Me:  I'm good, too.
5:56 PM - Me:  Lol, I haven't been hiding, just working and hanging at home, yard work and such.

5:56 PM - "Guy":  I figured you weren't interested

5:59 PM - Me:  You seem like a very sweet man but I just don't think we have anything in common.

5:59 PM - "Guy":  Oh I see

6:00 PM - "Guy":  I tend to agree

6:01 PM - Me:  I really hope you have luck with Match and find someone you gel with.  I've decided to stay out of the dating "game", lol.

6:01 PM - "Guy":  Ok, good luck

6:02 PM - Me:  Thanks again for dinner and the movie

6:02 PM - "Guy":  No problem

.....and.....end scene.  *takes a deep bow*

Do I really think he seemed like a sweet man?  Maybe in a creepy, awkward sort of way.  There were a couple of times between 5:59 and 6:01 that I had typed out a pseudo-apology for not calling or texting him but then decided that I didn't really care enough and I wasn't sorry that I didn't contact him after our date.  In comparison to the way I handled Lego Man and "Randy", I think I did a pretty decent job of handling myself.  Whether or not he really agreed with the two of us not having anything in common, well, I'm glad he agrees....I don't really care one way or the other.

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