Sunday, October 12, 2014

5 Reasons Why Sunday is the Worst Day of the Week

I think a pretty common philosophy in America is that weekends are the best thing about being a member of the working community (or a student).  Traditionally, one considers the weekend to start at the close of their workday on Friday and end when they go to sleep on Sunday.  I recognize that there are people who work a job where these are not guaranteed days off (thank you for your dedicated service, grocery store clerk, et al).  But for me, I have that traditional weekend.  And here are five reasons why Sunday is a million times worse than Monday in my book.

1.  You have good intentions to get things done over the weekend.  You make lists.  Laundry, grocery shopping, yard work, give the dog a bath, vacuuming, cleaning out the gutters.  You really mean to get them done.  And now it's Sunday and you've done one or two of those chores, if any.  Do you buckle down and get them done, thereby rushing through your last day of would-be rest and relaxation?  If not, you'll go to bed kicking yourself for not getting your shit done.

2.  Sports.  You either love them or you don't.  Racing, football, fencing... whatever... there always seems to be one sport or another on television on Sundays.  If you're totally into it, you're stressing about your team and your fantasy league.  You have to remember, were these the socks you wore the last two times they won?  If you're not into them, good luck finding something to watch.  And if you're of the unluckiest of the bunch, you couldn't care less about sports but live with a fanatic.  Restful Sunday is an oxymoron in your household as small bits of life are startled out of you everytime their team misses, or scores, or almost scores, or... anything.  The shouts and incomprehensible guttural noises made in support or scorn of one's team is something I will never understand.

3.  It's always too early or too late.  Facing work Monday morning leaves you to bargain with yourself between turning in early so you're fresh and well rested for work in the morning or squeezing every last drop off R&R out of your weekend before resigning yourself to start all over again in the morning.  Seems whichever you decide, it's always the wrong choice when the alarm sounds.

4.  Is it the beginning of a new week or the end of one?  I look at a calendar and it tells me that Sunday is the start of the week.  But it's always included when someone talks about the weekend.  Is it my chance to start anew or my last hurrah before a life-changing new week?  Perpetual dieters or anyone wishing to quit smoking, you know what I'm talking about.

5.  You never know what to expect from a Sunday.  At least you know, it's Monday, I have to work today.  But Sunday, depending on how you have spent your Friday and Saturday, you may be up with the sunrise on Sunday morning or you may not roll out of bed until noon-ish.  And if you're someone who has an active social life and choose to party on a Saturday (not my thing but I see plenty of social media comments and posts) then you may have no choice but to use Sunday as a recuperation day, possibly spending your first hour or so having quality time in front of the toilet.

Whatever direction your Sunday takes and however it shapes up, it never seems to live up to expectations.  There are never enough hours to get everything done while still taking that final day to wind down before returning to the grind the next morning.  Sunday is an inevitable concept, even if it isn't on Sunday.  There will always be that last day before you have to get back to being a contributing member of society, and that day will always be disappointing.
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