Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Only Failure is Not Trying (or some other inspirational crap)

At least this person is using their treadmill. (Image via)
Remember, that one time in October, when I was all fit to be fit, and signed up for a 5K? Yeah, well.... today is the Phoenix 5K Virtual Half-Marathon.  (Cue the gasps of unrequited expectations.)

I was stoked when I signed up for this race. The thought of participating in a half marathon, even a virtual one, was a challenge I felt ready to take on. It goes toward my future goals of participating in other events like the Color Run and the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I honestly had every intention of using the 9 weeks between signing up and race day to ramp up my endurance, C25K style, to enable me to actually get my ass up early, get on that m*f*n treadmill the morning of the Phoenix 5K, and walk that 3.1 miles to proudly earn that shiny, glittery red medal. And then I didn't. I just stopped. I got lazy. I lost my renewed ambition and motivation.

I ain't mad at myself because that doesn't serve any purpose. I could give myself that medal for keeping up with the daily litterbox cleaning, or staying out of debt this holiday season... but I won't. I'm going to keep that little medal in my desk drawer, patiently waiting the day that I actually do walk 3.1 consecutive miles on my treadmill. And, I know that the spirit of the Phoenix 5K (as documented in the event details and rules) was to provide motivation for the winter months, and the December 30th date was only a suggestion while each entrant is welcome to complete it whenever they choose... so there's still time.

At least the animals still benefit from the portion of my entrance fee that was donated to the ASPCA.

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