Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Easy Life Hack

Does he look irritated to you? (image via)
I hate the term "Life Hack." Like, what is a hack anyway? Such lame terminology. *ahem* Moving along. I do have a super easy household how-to for you, though! Read on...

How to give your natural bamboo lazy susan a brilliant, shiny finish with nearly zero effort!
  1. Buy a natural bamboo lazy susan turntable (I got mine HERE, from Amazon).
  2. Place it on your kitchen table amongst the myriad other items that don’t belong there (e.g., 8 different jars of rarely used spices, an empty Crystal Light container, three sweet potatoes, two unopened boxes of zip-top storage bags in varying sizes).
  3. Forget about it.
  4. Go against everything you’ve ever taught your child, and play ball in the house with the dogs.
  5. Throw ball into kitchen so it bounces high enough to accidentally land on the table.
  6. Curse loudly.
  7. Forget about ball, go on with life… hell, the table is messy anyway, who gives a shit.
  8. Decide to tidy up the kitchen.
  9. Realize that when the ball landed on the table 4 days, it ago knocked over your nearly full Rachel Ray Stoneware EVOO Dispenser (like THIS one), spilling approximately 1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil onto the lazy susan.
  10. Curse loudly.
  11. Carefully remove items from lazy susan, wiping the bottom of each one with a damp, soapy cloth.
  12. Roll eyes.
  13. Squirt copious amounts of dish soap onto lazy susan while holding it under hot running water.
  14. Sigh heavily.
  15. Scrub around on the lazy susan with wet rag, and rinse thoroughly.
  16. Towel dry and replace it on the table.
And…. Voilá! Shiny new finish!

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  1. I always knew it...the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.


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