Monday, February 6, 2017

Book Review! Dietland, by Sarai Walker

DietlandDietland by Sarai Walker
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What a wonderful book for anyone passionate about Fat Acceptance. I am about the same size as Plum, and have been for many years. If this book had been available 10 years ago, when I was Plum's age, I'd like to think that it would have jump-started my self acceptance then rather than leaving me to endure another 9 years of self loathing, disordered eating, and weight cycling.

I found a kinship with her as the author illustrated Plum's journey through breaking out of the rigid construct of diet culture, healing the wounds of years of food restriction, and coming out the other side having rediscovered her body's natural hunger/satiety cues; she found intuitive eating without knowing that's what she was doing.

The theme that resonated with me the most was her reclamation of style and fashion. Finally realizing that it felt good to wear clothing that not only fit her body properly (at the size it is now) but also expressed her vibrancy of character. That's difficult to do in oversized, shapeless, colorless garb.

I thought the political content was very timely, which is a nice coincidence considering when it was published. In today's world, with the American climate seemingly trending toward further marginalization of the people who are outside of society's skewed/unrealistic (and often unattainable) ideals of beauty, particularly in the wake of the Women's marches shortly after the inauguration, the underground activism felt real and relevant. Some of the actions were disturbing; however, as a work of fiction, those acts definitely set the tone. In a world where so many are attempting to normalize things like "grab her by the p***y" and other demeaning ways to reduce women to nothing more than eye-pleasing instruments of male pleasure, it was a welcome break to read about a group of strong women who were making steadfast attempts to educate other women in the freedom of not living your life with "f**kablility" as one of their life's objectives.

Overall, I found the book engaging and I identified with the main character in both wonderful and heartbreaking ways. I would highly recommend it to any woman of size who is either already well on their way to accepting (or even loving) themselves as they are or, perhaps more so, those who have yet to find Fat Acceptance for themselves. Thank you for this book, Ms. Walker!

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