Books: Exciting Quiet Time

Books are great!

I love to read but I do it in stints.  Sometimes I'll go months without picking up a book but then something will spark my interest and that will lead to reading three or four books in a row.  My favorite genres are horror and mystery but also enjoy supernatural themed stories.  I have also been known to read non-fiction and the occasional *ahem* self-help (don't hold it against me).

Recent reads:

The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing - This was one that was recommended to me through my Kindle account and the synopsis seemed intriguing so I bought it.  It took me a while to get through.  It was a very well-written book but it just didn't have the supernatural undertone that I expected.  It was a compelling story about the struggles a mother goes through to love a child that isn't turning out the way you had hoped, a child that some actually fear.

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