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Welcome to The Zaftig Ninja. This is a place where I come to talk about stuff that's important to me, things I find annoying, and crap that makes me laugh and remember why I agreed to continue to live here on Earth. Some things you might find here include

  • stuff about my family and my menagerie of pets
  • my opinions about junk on the Interwebz, television, and other media outlets
  • stories about life as a fat woman in America, and
  • a bit of humor, feels, and profanity (ok, probably more than a little profanity).
This is my place. I am so happy that you decided to stop by. I invite you to read, comment, share, and start a conversation from what you see here; however, I ask you to remember that I am a person. A real, live person with feelings and emotions. I wouldn't come over to your place, take a shit on your lawn, and shove my middle finger in the air while screaming "free speech!" So please don't take a shit on my lawn (or be mean in the comments, whatever.... you know what I mean). Hate won't be tolerated, and I reserve the right to remove hateful or mean-spirited comments.

Please do share and link back to my stuff as much as you wish, I love to know that people find what I write interesting and engaging. But, unless noted otherwise, the written content on The Zaftig Ninja is my own, original content. Copying any of the written content from this website to use as your own without my prior written consent is strictly prohibited.

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