Movies Are Great

Movies get me through life sometimes.

I love movies.  No, that isn't true, I LOVE movies!  It's a 90 minute escape from my life.  They make me feel better about being me, or keep me up at night wondering what that noise was.  I don't know what I'd do without Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.  You'll find a huge array of different movie types on this list so if you find one that you like here, definitely preview another before just sitting down to watch it with expectations of what you saw last.  I love all genres except musical - I just don't get them.

Recently watched:

The Conjuring - This has landed itself in my top 10 favorites.  It's been touted as the "new Exorcist" and it is based on actual events. It's different than The Exorcist, but just as great in my opinion.  Lili Taylor does wonderfully in the role as the possessed mother of five and Vera Farmiga is very memorable in her role as paranormal researcher and psychic medium Lorraine Warren.  It is as visually striking as it is fear inducing.  Now that it's been on premium cable networks, I've watched four times in the last week.

Bewitched - Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman star in this movie about an unpopular actor trying to improve his image by remaking the TV classic Bewitched.  It has all the Will Ferrell-ness you'd expect which makes it so much better then you'd expect.  It is not a remake of the TV show.  Funny with just the right amount of romantic comedy to make it palatable.

Irreversible - A French-Canadian movie (subtitled) that is really out of the box.  From the plot line to the wonky camera angles, this isn't a movie for the faint-hearted.  It is extremely graphic, both for violence and sexual (sometimes at the same time - *warning, there is an extremely difficult to watch rape scene that seems to go on a bit too long).  I did watch it through to the end but after having done so, wondered why I did.

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