TV is Awesome

TV is great!

Watching TV should be an Olympic sport.  Ok, I don't really think that but I do really enjoy a good TV program.  I'll watch a documentary followed by a network drama then a dose of "reality" TV.  Show me program about a housewife and I'll gush about how beautifully vindictive they all are.

Recent programs:

My Cat From Hell - Fi (Animal Planet) - This was a particularly good episode because it wasn't about a cat that wanted to rip out the eyes of it's human.  Poor Fi was given a bad hand when she was dealt human the first time around.  They made the decision to declaw her and then, when it was too painful on her recently mutilated paws to step into the litter in her litter box, she started peeing and pooping elsewhere.  They promptly gave her to a shelter - shame on humans.  And then Megan came along, adopted her and restored my faith in humans (at least in her).  When she adopted Fi and brought her into her home, she made a commitment and took it seriously.  Through lots of money spent and the patience not many people have anymore, Megan knew that she and Fi were meant to be together and did everything she could think of to make it work.  With Jackson's help and guidance, Fi was carefully reintroduced to using the litter box and I was so happy to see that things were better for both her and her human.

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